About Us
Colours in Africa is a manufacturing and retailing company which began about 18years ago, though it has only about 9 years in its major manufacturing operations. The company produces and retails home and hotel furniture ranges as well as home accessories and gift items. Most of these items are produced locally in the company’s factory in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria with the rest being imported from across Africa and beyond.

The Services the company offers includes the execution of projects such as the furnishing of corporate/commercial apartments, private residences and hotels and restaurants. 60% of the items the company produces and sells have Afro contemporary/handcraft design content while the rest are just contemporary or classic designs. Our company in this area has been a proud originator of unique product designs over the years.

For over 10 years the business concern has been on how to constantly serve the need of our existing as well as prospective clients better, while continuously watching the market trend. This has been a selling mark for the company and has helped constantly to take us to the next level. We have always been on the lookout for new technology to help diversify and improve on our products and services.
Our factory in Ibadan has staff strength of 160 persons including 20 persons with special needs; deaf and dumb working in our weaving department hereby giving them a creative voice and putting them in their rightful place in society.